Sauti za Busara

Sauti za Busara

[Sounds of Wisdom]

is a pan-African music festival centred in Stone Town, Zanzibar, attracting thousands of music-lovers from near and far. The theme for the 19th edition, which took place during 11 – 13 February 2022 was ‘Paza Sauti: Amplifying Women’s Voices’

We took the chance to do some very effective promotion for Zanzibar for Beginners at the Old Fort, where this spectacular Music Festival took place, with musicians from all over Africa and visitors from all over the world.

Afternoon vibes with chilling music at the Old Fort in Stonetown


In Tanzania Zanzibar for Beginners is available at MAKbooks and Brains in Dar es Salaam and at Memories in Stonetown/Zanzibar as well as in several hotels on the Island. Cost: 20 Dollar plus shipping.

In Germany Zanzibar for Beginners will be available from April on in German by direct demand to and will cost 20 Euro. Subscribe now since we print on demand.